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Salt Free, Chlorine Free Pool Sanitising System.

The Bionizer 2-250L model is our pool ioniser that will sanitise any pool up to 250,000 litres. Bionizer is an intelligent ionising system with that will automatically calculate the exact level of ionising your pool needs. Swim in clean, pure, fresh, drinking quality pool water! Pure Water Technology at your fingertips.

Pool ionisation is an effective way to sanitise pool water without the use of (harsh) chemicals. Many people in today’s eco-conscious society prefer to swim in chlorine-free water for a variety of health and economical reasons. Chemical free swimming is also a safe and preferred solution for families who have children with allergies, eczema or asthma. NASA was the first to use ionisation for water treatment in the NASA Space Shuttle in the 1960’s and Bionizer has refined and adapted this space technology for eco-friendly pool sanitisation.

For the Ultimate Eco Pool System add the Eco-Oxidizer & pH Boss.

Take the hassle out of pool care with Bionizer’s fully automated ‘Three-In-One’ Eco Pool Care System. This reliable system is a pool owner’s dream come true: your ULTIMATE CHLORINE-FREE AUTOMATED system.
The Three-In-One includes a Bionizer model that suits your pool, automated pH control and our exclusive natural pool oxidizer. This sophisticated setup controls and times the pool pump and filter, while at the same time automatically maintaining the water at a level of purity and clarity that will astound you. These three units are Bionizer’s exclusive signature products and are each high quality stand-alone systems.

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