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Pool Salt (25 kg bags) Specially refined for use in swimming pools.
Adding the correct amount of salt is important and it’s a good idea to add a little bit less than you calculate. This will allow you to test the salinity and add more salt if required. If you add too much the only remedy will be to remove some water from your pool and replace with fresh water that will be time consuming and a nuisance.

It’s also important to note that colder temperatures will affect the conductivity of the salt water and result in a lower reading than in warmer water. It’s a good idea to test a water sample that has been warmed to room temperature if the water is colder or warmer than usual.

When using the salt demand table Calculator below be sure to test your water first to determine if there is any salt already in your pool. This is surprisingly common especially with pools that are located close to the ocean
When adding salt ensure the pump and chlorine generator are turned off and your chemistry is balanced. You should distribute the salt around the perimeter of the pool evenly and wait 24 hours to ensure proper mixing. If you notice salt on the bottom of your pool use a brush or something similar that won’t damage the liner to provide further mixing.

Once you’ve added the appropriate amount of swimming pool salt and the correct salinity is reached it’s time to turn on your salt system and enjoy your pool. If your salt water system has a salinity display you should still double check the salinity with a test kit or strips to ensure you are getting your pool off on the right track

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