About Us

Our Contact Center has expert staff to answer all your questions on live chat, by phone, or by our email contact form. Please let our knowledgeable advisers give you a free consultation or advice anytime.

The Contact Center will quickly give a quote that includes delivery and installation of new equipment or schedule an area manager to quickly visit you to determine what’s needed for your pool or water system.

Our 4 Area Managers, Installers, Contact Center Manager and staff are available when you most need us. I’ve spent my career delivering the kind of service I would expect for my own pool. We can’t wait to deliver it to you.

We also know how important clean water and cool pool parties are. Let us help you prepare to make your next pool party the very best it can be!

We’ve been building and servicing pools for over 20 years with over 10 of those years in Southeast Asia. We understand the unique situations that pool and water equipment owners face everyday. This gives us the advantage over other stores as we not only have the knowledge, but we have the experience behind us too.

“A clear & clean pool is a healthy pool”

Paul Bodkin Managing Director

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