The use of swimming pool chemicals is standard nowadays, particularly due to the development of safer substances used for keeping your pool clean and safe to use. Pool chemicals can be used for a variety of reasons, but the main one is to make sure germs and bacteria are destroyed, and don’t cause you or your family to become ill.

There are several types of disinfectant, but chlorine is the most widely used. Bromine is also a common example. Both chlorine and bromine levels are tested using a small, simple to use kit. Swimming pool chemicals can be administered in several different forms, including powders, tablets, liquids, or a mixture of the three. The disinfectant should be added to the pool by passing it through a chlorinator, which disperses the chemicals at the correct measurement, and cadence. You can also add the swimming pool chemicals yourself, though it’s often easier to let the chlorinator do the work for you. That way, you can live safe in the knowledge that the correct amount of disinfectant is being added to your swimming pool.

You should use your pool chemical test kit regularly, to ensure the right amount of disinfectant is present. Too little, and it won’t work effectively, meaning there could be germs and bacteria in your pool. But use too much, and it can be extremely harmful to those using the swimming pool.

It’s also good to bear in mind that there are factors that may affect how much disinfectant you require, such as outside temperature, temperature of the pool, how often you use the pool, how much rainfall there has been recently, as well as the pH level of your swimming pool. If the pool is warmer, if there’s been an increase in rainfall, and if you’re using your pool more than usual, you’ll require a higher quantity of swimming pool chemicals to keep it at the correct level of cleanliness.

When you first fill your swimming pool, you’ll need a larger amount of chemicals to get it going. You’ll want to have your pool chemical testing kit handy as you go, so you know you’re adding the right amount of disinfectant.

Our team managers and pool system experts are available to explain to you the best chemicals to use in your pool, and how to administer them safely and effectively.

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