AstralPool Extra Algicide 5 Liter

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AstralPool Extra Algicide 5 Liter. Very effective non-foaming algaecide with flocculent action incorporated. Fast-acting algicide compound, indented for the prevention and elimination of algae.

Features & Benefits:

  • Concentrated algicide, for the elimination of all kinds of algae.
  • Clarifies water through its flocculating action.
  • Non-foaming compound.
  • Compatible with most disinfections treatments.
  • Totally soluble in water.
  • Reduces unpleasant smells.
  • Can be used with any kind of filter.

Initial Treatment: Add 1 litres of product per 100 m3 of water.
Maintenance Treatment: Add 0,25 litres of product for 100 m3 of water every week.

The Initial treatment should be repeated whenever the water does not appear transparent.This dose is merely meant as a guideline and may be modified according to differing characteristics of the pool or climate.

Pour the necessary dose of product in a container with water and evenly distribute over the pool water surface. Antialgae Extra should be added when there are no swimmers in the pool and preferably during the evening.

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  1. Witheld (verified owner)

    I have been using this product for about a year, or so. It is outstanding! It contains a flocculant and is a perfect compliment to the stand-alone flocculant product also sold here.

    When rainy season’s strong winds blow copious amounts of dirt and debris into our 100,000 liter pool (which is within a 3-walled pool area), I shock it, add the flocculant stand-alone product, and let the Dolphin i300 pool robot (also bought here) do it’s thing.

    I add about 300 ml of this AstralPool Extra Algicide weekly as prescribed. The combination of the stand-alone flocculant for heavy duty needs and this AstralPool Extra Algicide for weekly maintenance keeps my pool as clear as the picture on the container.

    I also recommend soaking your filter bags in it after cleaning to kill off any algae spores. Its those spores which go right back into the pool and multiply, if you do not kill them all off before putting the bag back to work.

    I highly recommend it without reservation.


  2. Witheld (verified owner)

    One more thing…my only complaint is they do not sell in bigger containers. I think they should offer a 25+ liter size for those of us who prefer to save by buying in bulk. 🙂


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