Pool Salt Salinity Calculator

As a rough estimate you want to be aiming at around 3,400 ppm (parts per million) for your pools salinity. For every 1,000 ppm increase in salinity level, you need to add 10kg of salt to 10,000 litres of water. For example, if your pool contains 20,000 litres, you need to add 20kg of a 25kg bag of salt.
Note: If using a chlorinator the ppm required will vary slightly depending on the make and design.
  • Low salt concentration below 2000 PPM will render the system ineffective as the salt concentration is too weak.
  • High salt chlorination above 5000 PPM may cause corrosion to pool fixtures.

If your salt is over the recommended limit. You should drain your pool’s salt water and replace with fresh non-salted water.
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