There are five main types of swimming pool filter; DE (Diatomaceous Earth), Sand, Cartridge, Zelbrite & Glass media filters. DE filters work by allowing clear water to pass through the filtration system, whilst trapping particles (some as small as one to three microns) in the ‘filter cake’. It can also assist in straining some forms of bacteria from the water. Diatomaceous Earth is a naturally occurring substance, which crumbles easily when pressure is applied. If there’s an abundance of Diatomaceous Earth in your area, then the DE filter is the best choice for swimming pool.

Sand filters work in a similar way, but are usually large tanks that contain a thick bed of special sand. Dirty water from your swimming pool comes through the filter, and any small particles of dirt or debris catch on the sand, whilst gravity continues to pull the water down freely, and out of the tank back into the pool. Over time, the amount of dirt and debris can slow down the water passing through the tank, and there are usually gauges on the outside of the filter tanks that will indicate at what level the dirt and debris is at. If there is an increase of pressure, then it’s time to clear the sand filter by back-washing it. This is done by sending water through backwards, to flush dirt and debris from the sand, and push it through the inlet pipe into the sewer. It should be noted that the sand used in sand filters has been specifically formulated for this very purpose, and normal sand should not be used, to prevent damage to the filter and your swimming pool.

A cartridge filter works by passing the water through a filter made of polyester cloth or corrugated paper, which traps any dirt and debris passing through. Instead of having to go through backwashing, to clean a cartridge filter you can simply remove the filter paper, hose it down, and place it back into the cartridge tank. These filters can last up to eight years without having to be disposed of! You can also clean the ‘filter cake’ in your DE filter in this way.

Our pool filtration experts are on hand, and available to visit you at a time convenient to you. They’ll be able to give you advice on what the best filtration system for you is, as well as giving you specific examples of the swimming pool filters we sell.

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