Startup Checklist

For newly filled pools, here is a list of all start-up requirements:

Chemical or Equipment Recommended Usage
Stain & Scale Preventer Stain Advance Adding a stain and scale preventer to your pool is always a good idea. There is nothing more time consuming than having to scrub your pool. A bottle of Stain Advance would prevent scale buildup in and around your pools, especially on your tiles and grouting.
Granular Shock Chlorine 3-5kg Chlorine Granules You will need to shock your pool for first time use. Depending on your pool size, this is usually between 3-5kg of Chlorine Granules for most pools.
Additional Frequent Chlorine Chlorine, Floating Chemical Dispenser, or a Chlorine Feeder You will need frequent chlorine to keep your chlorine level stable. This can be done by manually adding the Chlorine, a Floating Chemical Dispenser, or a Chlorine Feeder.
pH Increaser and/or pH Decreaser Soda Ash and Hydrochloric Acid Soda Ash is used to increase your pools pH level, and you can use Hydrochloric Acid to lower the pools pH level.
Alkalinity and/or Calcium Increaser Sodium Bicarbonate and Sodium Bisulphate Sodium Bicarbonate will Increase the total alkalinity in your pool, and you can use Sodium Bisulphate to lower the total alkalinity level.
Algaecide and Clarifiers (if needed) Swim Advance and Clear Advance To prevent annoying algae forming in your pool, you can use Swim Advance which prevents green and mustard algae’s. Clear Advance acts as a flocculant and helps your pool filter pick up those tiny, little particles that are making your water cloudy by sticking them together so they are more easily caught when passed to your filter.
Complete Test Kit or Test Strips Water Analysis Test Kit and AquaChek Test Strips You will need to keep your eye on your pool chemical levels by regular checking your water. The easiest way to do this is by using either a Water Analysis Test Kit or by using AquaChek Test Strips.
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