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However big your swimming pool is, it’s essential you install a pool pump, to ensure the water is kept fresh, and safe to swim in. Forming the central part of your pool’s filtration system, the swimming pool pump works to emit bits of dirt and debris from the water, which will not only improve the sanitation of the water, but can also improve the clarity of the water. The pool pump directs the water of your swimming pool through the filter, and back into the pool, keeping it clean.

Run Time

On average, they should run eight hours a day to make sure the majority of the dirt and debris is removed from your pool. At a temperature every ten degrees hotter than 80 degrees, the pool pump should run for an hour longer. You should be advised that swimming pool pumps can be one of the highest energy consuming appliances in your household. To ensure that you’re not paying too much in the running of your pool pump, it’s important that you choose a pump that has the right level of power for the size of your pool. Also, take the time to work out exactly how long you should keep your pool pump running for during the day, to make sure you’re only running it for the time it needs.

Variable over Fixed Speed

One of the most cost-efficient swimming pool pumps we offer is the variable speed pool pump, which can cost up to six times less to run. Whilst they cost more upfront, the money they’ll save you over the course of a few years is undeniable. It’s also a lot easier to fine tune the flow rates on a variable speed pool pump, which means you’re in complete control of how your pool pump is working.

Advice and Availability

We have team managers and pool system experts available in your area to advise you on your options. They’ll also be able to give you hints and tips on what to look out for if your pool pump isn’t working as it should, giving you the opportunity to adapt your appliance to be as effective as possible, thus saving you money in the long run.

Life Expectancy

Your pool pump will usually last between eight and ten years before it’ll require parts to be replaced, or for the entire thing to be swapped for a more up to date model. This is standard in the industry, and we always offer you the best products at the most affordable prices.


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