You’re probably aware that the chemical make-up of salt is Sodium Chloride, which is a sodium atom bonded to a chlorine atom. Salt water chlorinators work by producing chlorine from salt. They will only work in swimming pools that have had salt water added to them, usually at a concentration of four grams of salt per every liter of water. They come in two parts; a set of electrodes, and a control panel. The electrodes work as two very small plates of metal, set very close together, that then have an electrical current passed through them. These charged plates then work to strip the chlorine atom from the salt, and turn it into the type of chlorine that can be used as a disinfectant. This will then kill bacteria and germs in your swimming pool water.

One the bacteria has been killed by the chlorine, it’s then released back into the water, giving the electrodes a chance to form again, which will then give you a constant supply of chlorine.

If you’re looking to install a salt water chlorinator, it’s best to have it done at the time of the original pool construction, though it can be fitted to an existing pool. The ‘cell’, or electrodes, must be installed on pipework on the return flow to the pool.

The control panel is usually fitted close by, on a wall in the pool room, or an outside wall of your house if your swimming pool is outside. The control panel will tell you whether the level of chlorine in your pool is correct, and you can also alter the amount of chlorine the chlorinator produces.

If it’s cost effective you’re looking for, the salt water chlorinator is the right product for you. Installing one means that you won’t be required to go out and keep buying chlorine, or an alternative disinfectant, because it’s essentially produced for you by the chlorinator. All that’s required is a small amount of salt, and the chlorinator, and you’ve got a constant stream of disinfectant for your pool, and clean water to enjoy.

If you’re unsure whether salt water chlorinators are right for you, our experts are on hand whenever you need them to explain more about them, as well as to give you advice on what’s the best product within your budget. It’s becoming increasingly popular among swimming pool owners, so check out your options today!

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