AstralPool Cantabric D500 Side Mount Sand Filter 20″ 9m3/h


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AstralPool Cantabric D500 Side Mount Sand Filter 20″ 9,000 Liters/Hour, Multiport Valve (1.5″) not included and must be purchase separately. Made in Spain.

Ivory colour. Injected thermo-plastic shell with built in base. Supplied with pressure gauge, manual air vent, and multiport valve. Maximum filtration velocity: 50 m3/h/m2.Maximum working pressure: 2,5 kg/cm2.


  • Available with side mount or top mount, to adapt to the particular characteristics and available space at each pool site.
  • Filter body manufactured of chemical-resistant, weatherresistant, inalterable plastic. Designed for outdoor use.
  • Transparent lid for easier visual inspection and access to the inside of the filter in side-mount valves.
  • Collector and diffuser for continuous operation.
  • Manual bleeder valve for purging air inside the filter, if necessary.
  • Built-in manual bleeder valve for water of 3/4″ in the sand drain plug of the filter for easier drainage without losing sand.
  • Pressure gauge to control filter backwash.
  • Built-in base in the lower half of the filter, with holes for correct anchoring to the floor.

Filter Media:
Astral Pool Active Clear Glass x 3 Bags (1 x 1.0mm – 3.0mm / 2 x 0.5mm – 1.0mm)
EcoClear x 3 Bags (1 x Coarse / 2 x Fine)
Zelbrite x 5 Bags
Sand 100kg

Multiport Valve Side Mount: 1.5″ (00599XP)

12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

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