AstralPool Liquid Flocculant 5 Liter

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Product Description

AstralPool Liquid Flocculant 5 Liter. Clarifies the water eliminating colloidal particles causing water cloudiness.

A polymer flocculant with great coagulating and flocculating properties. Capable of removing particles in suspension found in pool water.

Features & Benefits:

  • High speed of coagulation.
  • Good speed of decanting.
  • Satisfactory behaviour at low temperatures.
  • Can be used under a wide range of pH levels.
  • Elimination of consumption in product for the adjustment of the pH.
  • Lesser tendency for provoking phenomena of over dosage.
  • Eliminates the metallic ions such as iron and manganese.
  • Forms flocculi, which are easily filtered.
  • Lower contents of aluminium soluble in treated water.
  • Eliminates organic matter.
  • Effectiveness in water with high turbidity.
  • Improves bacteriological quality of water and therefore reduces consumption of disinfecting chemicals.


Ensure the filtration equipment is switched off and the pool empty of bathers before adding 10 ml. for m3 of water.

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  1. Withheld (verified owner)

    I love, love, love this product.

    I use it after strong rainy season storms blow debris into the pool. First, I scoop out most of the big leaves. Next, I let the Dolphin i300 robot (also bought here) do its work. Next, I add AstralPool Liquid Flocculant as prescribed right around dusk and about an hour before the pool pump automatically shuts off.

    By morning, all the fine debris is neatly clumped together on the bottom of the pool. So, then I replace the inner filter of the Dolphin i300 with 1 inch thick fish filter material. Then, I let the robot do its thing again. About 2-3 cycles are usually all that is needed to vacuum up all the clumped debris. Finally, I simply open the robot and throw away the dirty fish filter material. My pool is left sparkling clean very quickly after even the most severe storms.

    Using this product in combination with the i300 robot, and fish filter material save a LOT of otherwise manual work. Another huge benefit is I no longer need to use a pump to vacuum the clumped debris off the pool floor and throw all that water away along with all those chemicals $$$. This product and the i300 take care of it all with minimal manual effort on my part.

    I use this product for heavy duty needs and the AstralPool Extra Algicide (it contains flocculant) as a weekly maintenance additive.

    I highly recommend this product without reservation.

    My only gripe is that they do not sell the fish filter material in bulk rolls (or at all).


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