AstralPool Automatic Multiport Valve 1.5″ VRAC Flat Side Mount


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AstralPool Automatic Multiport Valve 1.5″ VRAC Flat Side Mounted.

Astral Pool has now developed a new automatic multiport valve within reach of any user that allows to forget completely about pool filtering. With an innovative design, ease of handling and maximum reliability; this valve features two special characteristics: compact design and visual positioning indicator. Functions: filtration, waste, backwash and rinse. By simple programming from the remote control (Premium model) or the integrated keypad (Basic and Flat model), the system will allow you to run your pool automatically, for added enjoyment and relaxation. To keep pool water in peak condition, the filtering system must be run properly every day, including any filter backwashes required. Otherwise, the water can spoil and its excellent quality is lost, making swimming impossible. Costly refilling or shock treatment with chemicals may be necessary to restore adequate conditions for bathers. Astral Pool has developed a this new range of auto-matic multiport valves that allows the user to forget completely about pool filtering.

The “System VRAC” automatic multiport valve can be readily adapted to any filter, then quickly and simply mounted.

  • Innovative design.
  • Easy to install.
  •  Low weight and volume.
  •  High impact-resistant cover.
  •  Water-resistant (IP 65) – Complies with CE regulations.
  • Operated by remote control (lightweight and with easy-to-read display). Premium model.
  • Easy, fast, menu-based programming with language selection.
  • Automatic pump shutdown during valve position changes.
  • Dual safety system to protect against potential lacks of power supplies during valve position changes:
    1. Rechargeable Batteries.
    2. Solenoid valve in drain.
  • Equipped to allow installation of a 3-way actuated ball valve that admits water, during filtration, from the skimmer or pool vac intakes. (Premium model).
  • An attractive design will improve the visual appeal of your machine room, giving it a modern air. The technology of this new multiport valve will also save you time, so you can enjoy your pool even more.
  • 12 Months Manufacturers Warranty

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