AstralPool Sonic 5 Robotic Pool Cleaner



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The Sonic range comprises electronic pool cleaners with a classic filter bag with the option to change it for a cartridge filter that is easier to clean. Electronic pool cleaner with the classic filtration bag and convertible cartridge as a standard feature. Delivers high quality filtration and has a great waste storage capacity. The Sonic 5 covers the whole of a pool’s floor walls and water line in a 1.5 or 2-hour cycle. It comes with a caddy, 18 m of cable with mechanical swivel, PVA brushes and high quality DC brushless motors (1 pump motor and 1 traction motor).

Gyro technology
This smart navigation system will ensure your pool is thoroughly cleaned every time. It avoids all types of obstacles and has a tangle-free power cable.
Three-dimensional filters
They come with a new ultrafine 3D filter as a standard feature.
Conversion cartridge
Option of a filter cartridge so that there is no need to come into con- tact with the dirt.
PVA wheels
The best quality brushes for unbeatable grip on any surface.
Mechanical swivel
System that prevents the cable from getting tangled.

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